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This Cluster is focused in enabling innovative entrepreneurs involved in the area of Information and Communication technology with special focus on Software as a Service (SaaS), ecommerce, Online Payment, gaming and Telco VAS. The Smart Phone technology driven by Apple, Android and Microsoft Eco systems have open up local and global markets for the competent software engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset. Cloud Based SaaS solutions now enable local entrepreneurs to reach the Global markets.

In addition, the cluster organizes the Colombo Hack in May of every year, Colombo hack is an excellent launch pad for those with innovative ideas to develop prototypes to pitch for funding at the Venture Engine Program that starts in late May.

This cluster is focused in enabling innovative entrepreneurs focused on the entertainment, hospitality, travel and tourism sectors with scalable business models. Sri Lanka has inherent competencies and many years of experience in these verticals that are ripe to be packaged into products and services in serving local and regional markets. LAN has made successful investments in these areas. Our member network is well equipped with industry expertise and established networks into the region to help companies accelerate growth.

Look out for upcoming events planned to help identify high growth market opportunities and entrepreneurs well equipped to capitalize.

The cluster is focused on bringing global awareness to "Sri Lankan Design" specifically, while working towards building a global retail marketplace for Sri Lankan products and for our entrepreneurs. While "sustainable and/or ethical production" is not a must, there will be an emphasis on such when and wherever possible. Several existing LAN funded companies in the fashion/design space already focus on sustainable development practices.

A focus event that will highlight our entrepreneurs and potential is planned for the 4th quarter of 2014 and the event will from then on continue on an annual basis. While this event will be a focal point, our continual efforts will be towards building the infrastructure to promote and distribute Sri Lankan products to a global audience. The infrastructure efforts will be towards the "plumbing" required for retail operations - payments, shipping and other logistics while the distribution efforts will focus on building global brand awareness for "Sri Lankan" products.

This cluster focuses on transforming the energy industry in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has one of the highest electricity tariffs in the world while the energy industry is starting to undergo a technological renaissance with alternative energy businesses evolving from renewable energy sources. Sri Lanka has already become a world leader in the Small Hydro Power industry.

In the future, the energy industry is likely to transform into a localised and decentralized generation/consumption industry from a centralised generation/distribution industry, especially with solar power, and is ripe for entrepreneurial innovation with new business models and technological innovation.

In November 2014, the Lankan Angel Network will be hosting 'Energy 2.0' to bring together entrepreneurs, angels, domain experts, policy makers, and interested parties to help transform the sector.

This cluster focuses on empowering entrepreneurs in agriculture, supply chain and logistics. In agriculture we will be looking at everything related to the production of food - whether it be traditional farming methods for rice or the application of technology to agriculture or even creating new marketplaces for agricultural products. Supply chain and logistics in Sri Lanka are areas crying out for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and the Lankan Angel Network (LAN) is ready and willing to support those efforts whether it is importing ideas already implemented in other countries or building on home-grown solutions.

LAN will be hosting a series of events in October 2014 bringing together subject matter experts, academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs, policy makers and financiers to outline their thinking, the challenges as well as highlighting opportunities in both agriculture and supply chain management/logistics.

This cluster concentrates on empowering entrepreneurs from the manufacturing sector. In line with this "Future build" was organised together with its strategic partners, the Sri Lanka Inventors’ Commission and the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology, on 18 March 2014 at the BMICH.

The Lankan Angel Network is cognisant of the fact that we must engage all relevant stakeholders to adequately foster a Sri Lanka start-up culture, particularly considering our big picture goal of ‘empowering entrepreneurs.’ And Sri Lankan inventors are a key target group in this regard, due to the high value added revenues they could generate from the commercialisation of their inventions.”

This cluster promotes and supports inventors by helping them commercialise their inventions.

This cluster focuses on the education, learning and knowledge services industry in Sri Lanka. With one of the highest literacy rates in the region, Sri Lanka is nicely poised to capitalise on this and build interesting businesses in the education and knowledge services sector.